Not all computer systems are built the same. A general use system may not necessarily be your ideal system to acquire intraoral images. Here at City Wide Dental we can supply your office with the exact hardware you'll need to operate smoothly. We can provide everything from your server, workstations to printers and network gear.

Dental Office Server

We build every server to meet and exceed the requirements by your specific third-party software. City Wide Dental knows very well the special needs of Dental Management Software and Digital Imaging systems.

Our servers are built with top quality Intel based hardware running on a Windows Server operating system. We use the current technology to ensure you receive the quickest data delivery while keeping your data safe.

Operatory Workstation

Dental operatories require special hardware in order to interface with your industry specific peripherals. We ensure you are able to connect such devices as intraoral cameras, foot pedals, and digital xray equipment.

Not only will you receive the proper hardware for the job but we can also assist you in setting up multiple displays for patient education and privacy viewing.

Front End & Office Workstation

City Wide Dental provides top quality office workstations without the overkill. From 2 to 30 stations, we can provide you with the best solution available.

Computer Network

The design and implementation of your network can greatly affect the performance of all connected systems. We create your network not just for the day it's built, but also for future years. Technology is always changing and we want you to be in the best position possible for when changes are made.