Why use City Wide Dental Networks Support Packages?

Regular Maintenance Visits

Majority of required computer hardware and software repair can actually be predicted. The goal of our maintenance visits is to keep your network running in tip-top shape. We are able to foresee future issues as well as keep your hardware running for longer. Our computer maintenance is way to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Unlimited Remote Assistance

With our Remote Assistance we are able to solve many problems quickly over the internet. Not all issues require a on-site visit which is why we give you unlimited Remote Assistance with our Support Packages.

Unlimited Phone Support

As we have come across many of your questions previously, we'd be happy to answer them over the phone. Unlimited Phone Support is included with each of our Support Packages.

Monthly Roll-Over Support Hours

Each monthly package comes with a pre-determined number of on-site support hours for your office. Any unused hours may be used for up to two months after the month they were designated for.  This allows you to bank the hours for months you'll need a few extra, such as new equipment installs or upgrades.

Discounted Additional Support Hours

Planning a major upgrade or building a new office. Along with our excellence support you also get a major discount on our regular rate. This is a great break when scheduling a fair amount of work to your computers and network.

Guaranteed Response Time

No need to worried about lengthly downtime. We guarantee our quick and efficient service.

One Primary Technician

You will be assigned one primary support technician which will come to learn your specific network as well as staff. This allows for personalized support which is not forgotten with each call. Your primary technician is backed by a professional support team.

No Contract

We believe that you'll love our service so much that we do not want you to sign a lengthy contract with us. City Wide Dental is the best dental industry computer support specialists.